what is the key to balancing work and family.

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Rocking my kids to sleep is a specialty of mine that I’m extremely proud of. No matter what I’m doing, when it’s time for bed, I have the responsibility of ensuring my boys get to sleep on time. This is a priority I must take seriously and I most certainly do. Not only does this help my wife out tremendously, but also allows me quality time with my children.

     I adore my family. Keeping them safe and happy is my sole purpose in this world. To do just that takes time and it also means being there for them no matter how what. When you work full time, as I do, this can present a challenge to even the savviest of individuals. Time management becomes critical in every day activity and in balancing work and family.

     Working full time most often means 40 hours a week. This equals out to around 8 hours a day of work. Then you figure in 8 hours of sleep (wishful thinking, I know), this leaves approximately 8 hours of free time. Now, I know you are wondering where I came up with the 8 hours, other than simple math. There’s travel time to and from work, waking up and getting ready, preparing and eating supper, and getting the kids ready for bed. How much time does this really leave for “quality” time with family. What about the time you spend on “work-related” projects or simply thinking about work and what you need to do to prepare for the next day.? These things take time away from your family.

So how do you balance working with family? The simple answer is that you must figure this out for yourself. I know, not an answer to your question, right? However, it’s a question that must be answered with a question and that is “what is most important to me?”. The simple fact of the matter is that you must prioritize how exactly you spend your time. The advice I can give you to answer this question is that you must tell yourself that there is a rule of thumb that ensures you have plenty of time to spend with family. This rule protects your quality family time and is the basis of separating work and family. The deal is that you need to take care of work when you are at work. Work time is just that. It’s the time you spend working. So, when you leave your job, leave your work there as well. Prioritize your life and make family number one. This is the key to balancing work and family. Sounds simple, right? In all actuality, simple is exactly what it is. The hard part is not only setting your mind to understand and abide by this rule, but also to know that it is doable. It just takes discipline and the right state of mind. Keep your family in the forefront and understand that the work will always be there, but the time you get to spend with your family will only last awhile.

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